Stand up and be counted….


Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) seems to be the new thing to do on the water these days. At Brewongle we are used to more traditional sit down kayaking and canoeing, but last week we had a visitor on a major SUP adventure. Stuart Murray is currently circumnavigating the Sydney Basin on a paddleboard and he stayed with us at Brewongle on his journey up the Hawkesbury River last week. After starting his epic adventure from Narrabeen Lakes, he paddled up the coast and moseyed into the Hawkesbury River. Stuart is raising awareness for the Tangaroa Blue Foundation. They are a charity that is all about protecting our oceans and cleaning up marine debris.


Stuart calls his business SupExplore and he is currently towards the end of his journey around Sydney. You can follow him on Facebook to see where he is. He paddled hundreds of kilometres up the Hawkesbury Nepean river to Penrith – and enjoyed the hospitality of many locals along the way, including Brewongle EEC and some Members of the Windsor Canoe Club.

I joined him (in a comfy kayak!) for the challenging upstream section from Castlereagh to Penrith and was amazed at his control and skill to navigate moving water in the wrong direction! After we paddled to Penrith, he gamely strapped himself to his board on wheels and headed off on foot for a long portage to the Georges River.

We wish him well on the final stages as he heads home and navigates the open ocean up the coast.

IMG_2694 IMG_2704 IMG_2726 IMG_2730

2 Comments on “Stand up and be counted….

    • Yes – he is doing an amazing thing. I hope the word of his travels gets out!

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