Climate Clever Energy Savers 2014

The energy bike – ‘Le Tour de Amps’

It is with great fanfare and drum rolls that we announce that this fantastic program is up and running again this year! – TA DA…..Climate Clever Energy Savers (CCES) is a student centred, project based learning model that has been a huge success in NSW public schools for the last four years. The aim is to help students design projects that will save energy in their schools. Students investigate energy, climate change, school electricity usage and develop strategies to reduce electricity use in their school. The students submit proposals to their local CCES coordinators (a local Environmental Education Centre – Brewongle are the Western Sydney Coordinators) and can be funded help achieve their aims.

Brewongle will train teachers in a one day workshop and then come out to your school with a huge bag of tricks to motivate and teach students about sustainable energy use. Our solar cars,energy bike and solar ovens are always a hit!

If you are looking for a funded, syllabus linked, well scaffolded and well resourced unit of work for your students in stage 2-5 then you have until next Friday 21st of February to sign up. Go to the advert in this weeks SchoolBiz  – here is the link for Western Sydney Schools:

Or go to the CCES website to put in your EOI.

This program is only avaible to NSW DEC schools.

HOWEVER! if you are in a private or independent school – look out for a new online learning resource that will allow you to undertake energy or other sustainablity projects in your schools. The Sustainability Action Process will hopefully be online in the coming months and I will blog about it when it is approved.


4 Comments on “Climate Clever Energy Savers 2014

  1. Another big year for Climate Clever in Western Sydney. Ben Anderson, our CCES coordinator in the Illawarra has developed some new resources specific to the new Stage 3 Science and Technology syllabus. Contact Ben by email for further details.

    • Hi Stuart, I have a copy of these fantastic resources and will make them available to schools on our website soon, thanks for the reminder. Steve

  2. Hi Guys,

    Sorry we couldn’t get onto the VC yesterday – thanks for sending your post on to us.

    Cindy may have missed this also – I’m not sure!

    Talk soon – Dave will have a look through the CCES info from last year and the 2013 conference in Sydney – and will probably have questions about organisation and structure after he’s had a read through.


    Principal, Wambangalang Environmental Education Centre
    NSW Dept of Education and Communities
    273R Obley Rd MS-3, Dubbo, NSW, 2830
    Ph: 68877209 Fax: 68877237
    “Empowering Students to Reconnect our Future with the Web of Life”

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