Walking the talk and sustainablity in action

We are extremely proud of our sustainability efforts here at Brewongle and are constantly looking improve our own practice as well as that of others. Shelley Brown is our incredibly talented admin manager and she runs Brewongle with military precision and incredible care for avoiding waste and recycling at all costs. She is now taking this with her to the community and has instigated a cool recycling program at the local basketball facility. What a woman! Her picture even made it to the local rag. Well done Shelley – we are proud of you. Read the article!

Shelley basketball gazette

3 Comments on “Walking the talk and sustainablity in action

  1. It seems like the Brewongle crew are always in the spotlight 🙂 No surprise really, as in my experience, EECs certainly do ‘walk the talk’ when it comes to taking action in sustainability for all aspects of their lives.

    Well done Shelley, another great example of how people can take innovative (and fun) steps to make real change in their communities. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Chris – Love your work mate. If you get a chance have a flick through the new brewongle website and give me your thoughts – I am just building it around this blog. Still underconstruction and all feedback welcomed!

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