The school with the BIG chair

IMG_2239We were lucky to pay a visit to an inspirational primary school in the Newcastle area this week as part of our annual Environmental and Zoo Education Centres Conference. Hamilton Public School has set a new standard for me in sustainability, creativity, care, enthusiasm and love for their local environment. We were mightily impressed with the tour we were given by the ‘Green Team’ of year 6 students. These kids were passionate, enthusiastic, eloquent and knowledgeable on all the cool stuff they had created around their school.

The school obviously has motivated teachers, students and parents who have put a lot of love into making the school a sustainable and beautiful place to attend.

Every initiative was a fantastic teaching tool in itself, with creative and unique use of signs, art and recycled objects. I have posted this slideshow of images to inspire us all to embark on similar ideas in our own schools and workplaces. Hover your mouse over most images online for a brief description.

A big thankyou to the students and staff of Hamilton PS for hosting us for a morning!

2 Comments on “The school with the BIG chair

    • There are more and more schools (especially primary) creating spaces like this I think – we need to work on those high schools and model and applaude the exemplary schools like Hamilton PS. Thanks for your comment NaturoCath. Nice blog by the way!

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