City – Country Agricultural – Conservation links

A friend of mine Dr Kelvin Montagu from Colo Consulting has some interesting ideas about how we should manage conservation efforts into the future. He has written a thought provoking article for the ABC about how city and country people should link and share the responsibility for managing our landscapes into the future.

I met Kelvin while helping out with a Landcare group we are both involved in called the ‘Willow Warriors’. I help out occasionally in the mammoth task of removing invasive black willows from our waterways and so does Kelvin. Recently we have been poisoning these trees along a highly degraded section of the Nepean River in order to keep the seed from blowing into our World Heritage Area rivers like the Grose River and the C0lo River which are now willow free – thanks to the incredible efforts of many volunteers and Jeff Cottrel who is the driving force behind the project. Volunteering with the Willow Warriors is a great way to paddle our rivers and also help out with rehabilitation and conservation efforts. Go the web page to get more information!

We have embraced this ‘Adventure Conservation’ theme here at Brewongle and this year we trialled a kayaking program that saw some very enthusiastic students paddle and plant along the Hawkesbury River as part of a larger project called the ‘Windsor to Weir’ grant. Watch this space for more program developments next year!

How will we be judged by people in 100 years about our current conservation efforts? Are we doing enough? Can we rely on public money to rehabilitate or conserve private lands? Do we need to change the paradigm into the future? Do city folk need to have more connections to how our food is grown and managed? Should the city fund conservation efforts on private country farmland?

If you are interested in these questions, then take 10 minutes to complete Kelvin’s survey. Have a browse around his blog too.

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