Climate Change and Bushfires – New Report.

Following on from a previous post that provided resources to help us understand the links between climate change and bushfires – the Climate Council has now released the main report that I mentioned. You can read the salient facts and download the full report here.

I also took a spin on the weekend up to Bilpin and Mountain Lagoon to have a little squiz at regrowth happening now about 5-6 weeks post fire. Grasses are returning, ants are busy and the eucalypts are sporting some nice new epicormic regrowth. It was interesting to note the patchy nature of burning, with some areas seemingly unburnt with others scorched to the canopy. It would be interesting to see an aerial photograph of the fire to measure the extent of this patchiness. It is these unburnt patches that provide excellent refuges for fauna and unburnt food sources in the months post fire. I have also heard many anecdotal stories of increased koala sitings during and since the fires. These were mainly around Mountain Lagoon (I saw one koala while out one night during a backburning operation) and Kurrajong Heights.

IMG_2034 IMG_2032 IMG_2030 IMG_2026

3 Comments on “Climate Change and Bushfires – New Report.

    • Thanks mate, It was the first koala I have ever seen in the Blue Mts. Pity I was rushing by on a firetruck and could not stop to investigate… Still looking for that elusive panther!

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