It’s Raining Felines and Canines

IMG_1750 IMG_1751 IMG_1752

Arrived at work today to a downpour – what a great way to start the week! The weather station reports 12mm and says that it is raining cats and dogs! It makes our three day camp program that starts today a little more challenging but we will take the rain thank you very much. After many months without a drop and with ongoing bushfire risks this is a welcome relief. I hope it soaks into the roots of our poor forest shrubs that need a drink. The grey myrtles are looking like brown myrtles, the lomandra sedge grasses have been dying or curling up their long stems and the sandpaper figs have been dropping leaves with the water stress.

Our new summer seedlings in the vege beds will also be very happy!

Of course as I write this the rain is easing…..

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