EucFACE and future climates at the University of Western Sydney

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We are currently collaborating with UWS Hawkesbury campus to involve high school students in some of the amazing climate change research that is being undertaken at Richmond. I will feature three of the main experiments over the next few posts. Brewongle tested our documentary making skills by interviewing the researchers and filming on site at the University. Each of the videos showcases one research area and will be used as a pre-visit task by schools to familiarise themselves with the science involved.

This new program will be linked to the new Australian Curriculum for stage 5 Science and will be targeted at Year 10 students in Western Sydney.

Enjoy the videos – we hope you learn something about current climate change research – and keep your eyes out for this program that should roll out next year!

The EucFACE (Eucalyptus Free Air CO2 Enrichment) facility is familiar to most people who live in the Hawkesbury with its huge ring like structures in the woodland near Richmond. These structures pump CO2 into the perimeter to create an atmosphere that is similar to that predicted in 2050. Many experiments are being carried out on the vegetation to assess responses to future climates. Professor David Ellsworth is in charge and he provides some interesting information in this short video.

4 Comments on “EucFACE and future climates at the University of Western Sydney

  1. This is most interesting. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to finding out more. Thanks Steve!

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