Bugs and Birds with Hobartville PS

After our run of hot bushfire conditions, it was a gorgeous spring day that greeted Years 1-2 from Hobartville as they descended on Brewongle for two days of bugs and birds. The students tried to be quiet as we searched for the ever elusive birds (they usually appear as soon as the schools leave!). Once they mastered the use of binoculars, we spotted a kookaburra, king parrot, rainbow lorikeets and plenty of small birds. Teachers, you may want to view a previous post of some baby birds that hatched at Brewongle here . Show these to your classes! There is also some links to other good bird resources on this post.

Our resident blotched blue tongue lizard ‘Nessie’ was also a hit and she wins the award for the most patient and placid lizard after being handled and cuddled by most students. Students discovered that Nessie is the largest variety of skink and she loves to eat snails and banana’s. In the wild, eastern blue tongue lizards are omnivorous and will eat a variety of insects and plants. Eastern blue tongues are usually found in the Sydney region and are lighter in colour than Nessie who is from further south and alpine regions.

Picture 127

Here is a cute little video on insects suitable for stage 1 and 2.

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