YES (Youth Eco Summit) and how to video conference on an Ipad.


Want to be inspired, motivated and revved up to engage in more sustainable and environmental activities both in and out of the classroom? Then come along to the Youth Eco Summit at Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush on 23-4th of October 2013. 3 WEEKS TIME! Bookings can be made here.

If you cannot be there in person – then tune into a free video conference with your class live from YES. These were a hit last year and promise to be extremely entertaining and informative this year. Brewongle will have two workshops running at YES including our popular solar cars as well as the rough and tumble habitat game.

While on the topic of video conferencing – tuning in to a VC is becoming easier and easier. All NSW DEC schools have the connected classrooms which are an obvious first choice, but did you know you can easily connect using an Ipad or Iphone?

An option for classroom connections would be using an Ipad connected to a TV or projector so the whole class can view it. All that you need is a wireless connection or decent 3G signal and a free app called Polycom. The polycom app (android and Iphone versions both available I think) is free from the App store and allows you to dial in to a VC from anywhere. If anyone knows of any other possibly better system I would love to know about it!

2 Comments on “YES (Youth Eco Summit) and how to video conference on an Ipad.

    • Hey Brad – thanks for reading the blog! That app works well as long as you have a good connection. Chris Vella put us on to it – so talk to him for more info if you need. Steve

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