The Great Koala Count

I am planning a few posts on how to become involved in some excellent citizen science projects. The first on our radar is a new initiative by the NSW National Parks Association called the Great Koala Count. Regsiter on their website to become involved in this project that will run from the 7th-17th of November 2013. Here is a blurb from their newsletter:

“The Hon. Robyn Parker MP, NSW Minister for Environment & Heritage, officially launched the Great Koala Count at Taronga Zoo on Tuesday. This is an exciting large-scale Citizen Science survey being run by NPA in partnership with the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative, from the 7th – 17th November. A GPS-enabled smartphone app, ‘BioTag’, enables Citizen Scientists to record their Koala sightings directly to their smartphone. This will assist in building a comprehensive picture of Koala numbers and locations across the landscape, and may be used to inform future conservation strategies for the species. To get involved in the Great Koala Count, simply register on our Data Portal, download the app from iTunes or Google Play, and you are ready to start counting! To share your experiences about the Count, or to see how it is progressing, visit our dedicated Facebook page You can help to promote the Count by tweeting #GreatKoalaCount or by ‘liking’ our Facebook page!”
Promote this with your classes and networks!

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