Spring is sprung! Here are the birdies….

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Spring is in full blooming happiness this year at Brewongle. It has come early due to a warm August and all the flora and fauna are in busy reproduction mode. The bloodwoods, callistemons and pittosporums are in full bloom as are many other plants. The reptiles are out including a local eastern water dragon and a bandy bandy snake. The birds are the noisiest and busiest by far of course. We have a pair of grey shrike-thrushes that nest every year on our back verandah. In early August they were busy renovating and rebuilding their nest.



The cosy nest.

The cosy nest.

The clutch of three eggs appeared soon after and now we have three furry little babies trying to avoid our camera! Enjoy this short video captured by students from James Erskine Public School using our remote Go Pro camera on a pole set up!

Birds are a great measure of biodiversity and are easily observed around our homes and schools. Birdlife Australia is a fantastic resource for school students and the community alike and the Birds in Backyards program they run has been very successful. They are launching a new schools program called Birds in Schools next year for schools in selected LGA’s. These include Parramatta, Auburn, Canada Bay and Ryde Council areas. If your school is in these areas and is keen to be a part of some real citizen science then complete this survey to register your interest https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Birds_in_Schools.

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