Young Writers Camp 2013 – Blog post No. 1

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What an inspirational three days we had with a creative and intelligent group of students from various schools who attended our 2013 Writers in the Environment Camp. This invitational program has been running for the last 16 years here at Brewongle and year 6 students immerse themselves over three days in all things literary and writing. We were very lucky to again have our writer in residence Simon French here for three days, as well as other children’s authors Lisa Forrest, Susanne Gervay and Richard Tulloch running workshops for a day.

We are awaiting some student stories that were begun on camp and when they come to hand we will publish them!

Enjoy the slideshow above – you may need to view this online – just click on the blog post to go to the website.

Here are two collaborative short stories created by our young writers from camp. These were facilitated by writer Lisa Forrest in her workshop. Enjoy!


Story One

I grabbed a giant saucepan, a packet of rubber bands and a dozen eggs and threw them into the shopping trolley as I barged down the aisle knocking other shoppers trolleys out of my way. ‘Cant you see there’s a battle outside in the car park! Move! My friend’s in trouble!’I spotted a metal salad bowl and put it on my head, hoping that it would protect me from the alien’s guns. On my way out I picked up a box diet coke and a mentos and threw them in.

‘This is for the freedom of humanity,’I screamed as I ripped open the box of diet coke, pulled one can out as others clattered to the pavement, bit down on a packet of mentos, stuffed one in a can and hurled it like a grenade at the gooey bluey orange blobs on hover boards, who were attacking Bob by firing chickens wearing badges that said EVIL INC in capital letters.

And then KABOOM,

Diet coke rained down on everything in the car park. Perhaps it was the artificial sweetener that caused the chickens to lay chocolate eggs. Without thinking, I opened the packet of rubber bands, took one out, opened the crate of eggs and started firing them on the aliens. The eggs stuck to the blobs and began to fry on contact. I watched as the aliens disintegrated in front of my eyes.

‘You go girl,’ Bob shrieked.

Story 2


Kate dropped the carton of eggs. She whipped around and saw small, blue, fuzzy, brutish creatures swarm all over an upturned car in the car park. “How have I got myself into this! I will never get this cake made for Mum” She groaned.

Kate saw Millicent the fairy fly into the air, turn her bottom to face the aliens, the air vibrated, the building shook and clutching their noses the aliens were forced back.

“Did she fart?” Kate muttered. All around her people dropped from the smell. Kate had learned in history that when the Nazi’s dropped their gas bombs the allied forces had urinated into napkins and wrapped them around their faces to counter the effects of the bomb. Kate didn’t want to drop her pants in front of security cameras so instead she grabbed a bottle of vinegar, found a tea towel, doused it in vinegar and wrapped it around her face like a ninja. As the sound of cows mooing came from outside she ran up and down the aisles grabbing steak knives, a broom, matches, eggs – anything she could find – and charged through the doors shouting: “Follow me on Facebook!!!”

Hundreds of blue fuzzy brutish creatures turned and faced her. Their eyes turned rainbow with hatred.

“How dare you insult our leader. You must be a One Direction fan.”

The aliens lifted their guns and fired. Pink and purple cows shot out from the barrels towards Kate. But before thy hit, Kate heard a thunderous noise.

“Beware my butt fury!” Millicent cried.

9 Comments on “Young Writers Camp 2013 – Blog post No. 1

  1. Hi Steve,

    I love the writers camp but for some reason our school missed the opportunity to send someone. Maybe I missed the email or flyer. Hopefully next year!

    Reagrds Irene


    • Sorry you missed it this year Irene – It was advertised on school biz and emails to admin and principals. I will try to remember next year to let you know early!


  3. What a fantastic group of students at camp this year! It was a wonderful experience for myself and the students from BPS who attended. Thank you!

  4. I loved the Young Writers’ Camp, and met heaps of new friends from all around the state!
    I had so much fun, and the food was great. My photo’s even up there (Not my best shot, though!)! My group’s writing with Lisa is even there (No.2 – BOOOM!!!). The authors were very inspiring, and it was much better to have been there and have been involved, rather than have just been looking at a picture. The staff was really friendly and helpful too. Steve’s musical talent was astounding, and the campfire and roasted marshmallows were legendary. I definitely recommend it to budding writers – as long as they’re fine with sleeping in tents and going to the bathroom at night out, in the open, without any lights. I rate it a 10/10!

    • Hi Kimberly, We are so glad you had such a great time and thanks for your kind and positive words. I have been working on a short video that includes a few of the interviews that students did. I should have the video on the blog soon. Keep writing and hopefully we will see you in the future. Steve.

  5. Hi, it’s Matthew and I just want to say how much fun the camp was, and that I will always remember camp. The food was great,the activities were fun ad the experience was the best!

    • Hi Matthew, Thanks for your comment and glad you had a great time. Keep writing! Steve.

  6. Hey…
    It’s Anna.
    I loved writers camp soooo much.
    The teachers were fantastic and I learned so much.
    I sent my eco mystery.
    Did you recieve it?
    I hope the children next year enjoy this camp as much as us.
    I still can’t believe that it went so quickly.
    – Anna

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