Writers Camp 2013 – blog post No. 2

During the course of our three day young writers camp, many students collaborated to produce a story. It was a very impressive effort as they had little time and had to continue from where the last person left off. An ipad was passed around during break times and each writer contributed a paragraph to our evolving story. Read on to find out about shady characters, mutant mice, killer clowns and weird problems with bubblegum…. Congratulatiosns and thanks to all who contributed!



After crossing the Sackville Ferry, Toby arrived at Brewongle for Writers Camp. The camp looked okay but he was worried he wouldn’t fit in, that he would be an outcast and nobody would want to be his friend. Toby ran forward but he tripped over a large rock and fell flat on his face “arrrgh,” cried Toby.
“You okay?” A friendly voice asked.Toby looked up to see the face of a smiling boy, holding a hand out.
“I’m fine, thanks,” Toby stuttered, taking the hand gladly.
Alas, just as Toby and his new friend, Tom, were about to stand up and go to their cabin, a large scary figure was looming over them. ‘What do you think you’re doing???’ Booomed the voice.
“Aahhhhh we’re just going to the reception” Tom said, worried what would happen next. It was a bit hazy, what happened next, but when Toby woke up he was in a room with first aid every where. It looked like a sick bay and his head throbbed like an earthquake.

Tom sat there in the next bed, his arm in a cast and his leg bandaged. ” Are you alright? ” Toby asked, though obviously his friend was badly injured. The intimidating figure sat in the corner, a lady from reception AND the camp vice principal asking him questions that Toby could just make out. ” Why did you harm them? ”
” How did you harm him? Did you punch them, or shove them?
The figure kept shaking his head, saying “I didn’t mean to. I just tripped over a rock and accidentally hit them”

The shady figure seemed reluctant to give an apology yet the vice principal forced a simple ‘sorry’ out of his mouth. As time elapsed the boys were healed and the workshops became more intriguing. The opportunity to learn from the best was easily the most enjoyable activity. The best authors told them how to put the ups and down in a story, the statistics of a character and how to make good short stories out of a scene. Toby and Tom were having a good time at Brewongle.
Although, strange things were happening -Toby felt like he was being watched and that ominous feeling wasn’t his imagination…

In the middle of the night, Toby heard a creaking noise on the porch. The porch was very old, so it moaned and groaned whenever someone stepped on it. The thing came up to the door and slowly opened it. It creeped slowly forward. ‘What was that?’ wondered Toby, perhaps a mouse or some other animal. As Toby looked down he saw a mutant mouse and Toby ran for his life. While he was running another shadow was following him and it kept on getting closer, Toby screamed and then… and then… there was silence, eerily quiet silence.

It was nearly too quiet, Toby started to get a weird feeling in his stomach like someone was squeezing it as hard as they could. Then awaking from the silence a loud, low moan was heard, but Toby couldn’t move at all. He couldn’t even give a quiet whisper. How wished he could run away from there but he was stuck to the ground.

He looked down. His foot was covered in bubblegum, it plastered him to the ground. Toby tried to lift his foot it would not budge. “Do you need help,”it was Tom.
“Thank goodness your here please help,” Said Toby.

So Tom pulled Toby out and they went back to the cabin. They then went back to sleep. Later that night he heard another noise. It was an evil clown stalking him…the clown was just outside the dusty cabin door, Tom & Toby woke up, “anybody there”? Toby ask nervously, then then there was a bone chilling rattle on the roof….all of the other boys woke up at the sight of a gloomy figure with a clown face standing at the window, they all screamed some of the boys were even crying but then they all built up the courage to……….RUN LIKE HELL!!!!!
They trampled over bags and clothes laying on the floor as they sprinted for the door on the opposite side of the cabin. Even before they reached the door, another knock was heard… but on the door they were running to, with a gloomy figure with a clown face standing outside the glass beside the door. They looked back to the other door and the clown was also at that door, IMPOSSIBLE! They looked at both door windows and there were two clowns! A final stand was in order! They decided to create a barricade to shove the clowns out the way. They burst through the door and got grabbed by the clowns! The clowns brandished knives and held them to the boys necks. A boy tried to kick the clown and got stabbed. He cried out in pain. The boys were terrified, what would they do? They were scared and tired and didn’t think they could endure any more. They were stuck in an impossible situation, whether they will get out alive will depend on the sequel. The end.

Or is it? Dn dn dnnnn will they survive? The next day all of the boys woke up and they were terrified. Toby announced that he had a terrible dream. It was about two clowns that had intruded into their cabin. Tom had said that he had the exact same dream but a boy, called Brady, got stabbed. Toby slowly turned his head to Brady’s bed, Brady and all of his luggage was gone. Straight away the boys had gone to tell someone, but they couldn’t find anybody. After a long discussion, the boys took it upon themselves to find him. “Hey look, it’s Brady’s hat!” exclaimed Toby. “He must have been here before he went missing.” All of the boys were puzzled until they saw specks of dry blood and a novelty clown’s nose. “This must be another clue to where he is!” shouted Tom. “We’re on the right track.”
Everyone was petrified. But they knew that Brady was a friend and that they had to tell someone. During the trip to see a teacher, Tom, who was rather mischievous at the time, put on the clown’s novelty red nose on his own nose. Without anybody knowing, Tom had fallen to the ground. Meanwhile, when they went to see the teacher, Toby needed Tom to back up his evidence of the dream. But Tom was gone.
On a frantic search for Tom, Toby retraced his tracks and found a clown lying on the floor. A clown named Tom. Toby backed away. But Tom was slowly getting up. For Toby, this was not a dream. Toby was not going to survive, he was sweating. Toby woke up. It was his crazy dream. But neither Tom nor Brady was there. But a note was under Tom’s sleeping bag. I’M IN THE KITCHEN.
Arriving in the kitchen, all the boys saw 4 dead bodies on the floor. All the girls who were supposed to be there for kitchen duty. And a clown was right behind them. The end was near. But then…………………………………………..

Toby grabbed a knife and brandished it in front of him, not daring to take a swipe at the psycho clown, but would if he was attacked. It stared him down, its scarily painted red eyes gleaming. The horror stories Toby had heard previously heard that night did not prepare him for this situation. He threw back his head and screamed….. AND blew the clown off his feet! What a noise! The clown fell on the floor and cackled at first, but then started to droop as Toby kept screaming.

He felt the cold brick wall behind him and tried to find a escape but the door was shut. He wanted to cry but he knew he could make it out somehow. “Help, help!” He repeated with a shriek. He can hear the clown. He’s around the corner. He suddenly laughed high pitched. “Help, help”he repeated as loud as possible. He discovered a window and began to go towards it. The clown grabs his foot with a laugh. He swipes at the clown with his knife desperately, the clown let go with a cry of pain. Smashing the glass, Toby leaped out ignoring the sharp glass scraping at his legs.

Toby then turned around checking behind him but the clown was not in the kitchen. When he turned back he found the clown’s brightly painted face staring devilishly at him. He let out a huge scream falling back and stunning the clown too. When the clown charged for him Toby let out a vicious series of punches and a final uppercut for his finale. In the confusion of fighting the red novelty clown nose was knocked off the clowns face. It fell to the ground, turned into dust and was blown away with the wind. The clown screamed and collapsed to the floor.

Suddenly there was darkness. A HUGE cage appeared in the darkness then the two clowns. All the students from writers camp were in the cage. They must destroy us, which will never happen, MUHAHAHA!”

Toby woke up. He was in his room. He had a nightmare. Today was the day he was going to Brewongle. And it turns out it had the good but not the bad stuff. The strange thing was Tom was there. They had the best time ever. It seems there was a bit of De-Ja-Vu.

When he arrived home in his bedroom was the clown…

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    • Thanks Denise – they are doing really well and are a lovely bunch of young people. – Steve.

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