Nyngan goes wild for Environmental Education


Big skies and long open roads led us back from Bourke to Nyngan as the Outback Outreach Environmental Education show continued on its journey through the west. We loved the friendly people, warm weather and wide skies in all the places we visited and Nyngan was no exception. We managed to drive through sunset without hitting any kangaroos or wild goats on the road between Bourke and Nyngan and after a rest overnight at the Outback Motor Inn we were ready for our day at Nyngan PS. It was excellent to meet students from the surrounding schools who drove to Nyngan for the day. Girilambone, Hermidale, Warren Central and the Distance Ed students all joined in the fun.

The quote of the day came from some boys at Warren Central after doing all the activities. “We want to come to this school now (Nyngan PS) – they do fantastic stuff all the time!” Their faces fell when I informed them that this was just a one off day and that Nyngan does regular schoolwork most of the time. They cheered up after being given the website to purchase solar cars though! See here teachers if you want to purchase some solar car kits for your school. Check out this video below of one solar car race at Nyngan.

The discovery of the day was that Nyngan is going to be home to a huge new solar farm facility that will be the largest in the southern hemisphere. This initiated much discussion as students were focusing on solar energy in one activity. I have tried to include as many photos as I could of students as they moved around between ‘Bugs and Microspcopes’ with Longneck Lagoon EEC, ‘Nestboxes and Biodiversity’ with Thalgarrah and Cascade EEC’s, ‘Caring for our River Country’ with Wambangalang EEC and ‘Solar Cars and Sustainable Energy’ with Brewongle EEC.

Thanks again to Eliza Greening from Wambangalang for organising all the bookings and coordinating the schools. Corina Walker from Longneck Lagoon ensured we had a comfy motel each night and thanks to all the schools who attended our programs.

Here are some links to websites that may be useful:

Kite Magic for Solar Technologies – http://www.kitesite.com.au/

Birds Australia for Nestbox Building – http://www.birdsinbackyards.net/Nest-Box-Plans

Climatewatch – Citizen Science you can do in your school! – http://www.climatewatch.org.au/

Murray Darling Basin Authority on issues affecting inland rivers and native fish – http://www.mdba.gov.au/what-we-do/mon-eval-reporting/native-fish

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