Fun in the Sun at Bourke Primary School with Walgett DE, Wanaaring, Enngonia and Weilmoringle PS.

What a classroom we had on this brilliant blue crisp morning in Bourke. The Darling River was meandering by as we were joined by students from the Distance Ed program and the outlying small schools. The older students took to the water to learn some kayaking skills and discover what makes a healthy river. It was a picture perfect morning as they paddled and waved to the passing paddle steamer. The littler kids enjoyed themselves by looking for bird habitat and playing various games including moving a delicate ‘dragon’s egg’ and throwing Boomeroo’s (a kangaroo shaped boomerang).

Students saw many Whistling Kites soaring overhead and discovered that these medium sized raptors are aptly named as they have a loud whistling noise. An aboriginal man who works with us at Brewongle – Flinn Donovan – tells a story of how indigenous hunters would throw a returning boomerang over water birds and make the noise of the kite. This would frighten the birds as they though a kite was circling and ready to pounce. The water birds would huddle together for safety and make easy multiple targets for the clever hunters using their sharp hunting boomerangs.

The Whistling Kite – Haliastur sphenurus

What a great snag! Brilliant fish habitat

What a great snag! Brilliant fish habitat

IMG_1169 IMG_1171 IMG_1173 IMG_1175 IMG_1176

We then all headed for Bourke PS for an afternoon of activities that included nestbox building, solar car races, river health, bugs and microscopes and team games. We thought Bourke primary school was a well cared for place and I particularly liked the inclusive and integrative murals showing connections between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students. I hope that everyone at this school feels very proud of their country, community and heritage – whatever it may be. The school had a positive feel and full credit to all staff and students who were obviously very proud of their school. Great vege patch too!

We had many enquiries about purchasing solar cars – we bought ours from Kite Magic.

Here are some links to websites that may be useful:

Kite Magic for Solar Technologies –

Birds Australia for Nestbox Building –

Climatewatch – Citizen Science you can do in your school! –

Murray Darling Basin Authority on issues affecting inland rivers and native fish –

solar car Nest box frisbee bugs Bourke ps1 bourke ps 2

IMG_1210 IMG_1207 IMG_1205 IMG_1204 IMG_1198 IMG_1195 IMG_1192 IMG_1189 IMG_1188 IMG_1186 IMG_1184

Is that Usain Bolt? Or solar hat man...

Is that Usain Bolt? Or solar hat man…

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