Blogging from Bourke


We are officially Outback! Brewongle and four other EEC’s have travelled in convoy to Bourke for 2 days of fun with the remote schools in this area. Today we had a blast with Bourke High School on the Darling River. Students kayaked under huge blue skies checking out the state of this vital inland river. We discovered very turbid water that had some nice big habitat snags for our native fish. A few decided to check out the water temp first hand after capsizing! Many students who fish this river said that they catch carp and yellowbelly.

On the banks we assessed water quality and searched for invertebrates. Pleasantly surprised by all parameters except for high turbidity. We found a few bugs, but there should have been more than just water boatmen and freshwater shrimp.

The GPS activity run by Longneck Lagoon EEC was a hit. This Amazing Race style challenge involved solving problems to find your next hidden treasure via a GPS and compass.

We were all impressed with the skills, enthusiasm and friendliness of the students at Bourke High. A lovely bunch of students and thanks to the year nines for helping us load the canoe trailer!

Tomorrow we are with the primary school and some other remote schools for more environmental and sustainability education. Thanks to Wambangalang EEC in Dubbo, Thalgarra and Cascade EEC from the northern tablelands and to Longneck Lagoon for a great day.







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