Beauty and the Beast at Brewongle

We were visited by 2 very friendly king parrots last week (the beauties). These ‘traffic light’ coloured birds are often found in lovey dovey pairs with the male showing a blazing red head (the only Aussie bird to have this). The female does not need this display of colour and bravado and has a soft green dome. King parrots require deep tree hollows to make their nests and hence love forests with old trees.

DID YOU KNOW… trees often require 80 years or more to form hollows – so to look after these birds we need to leave our gnarly old habitat eucalypts growing in the ground.

We were also visited by a local fox (the beast) that was snapped by The Lakes Christian School Biology class on our motion sensor wildlife cameras. The ever so cunning fox has had a devastating impact on our native wildlife as it will eat just about anything and most of our native wildlife ends up being dinner. The Biology students were actually searching for our native marsupial carnivore the spotted tailed quoll and found Mr Fox instead. Foxes can exclude quolls through competition for food and habitat. This particular fox tried its best to get into the bait jar. It was unsuccessful so dutifully did its business on the bait!

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