Hills Sports Climbing High


data collection in the forest

data collection in the forest

Year 11 Senior Science from The Hills Sports High were at the top of their game when completing a study of the open forest adjacent to Turnbulls lagoon, Sackville North.
We travelled to our field site, determined that the ecosystem type was in fact open forest, dug some dirt, climbed to the ridge top and avoided the jumping ants.

The students decided the Western Sydney Dry Rainforest was in fairly healthy condition with plenty of habitat elements.

As an aside ā€“ did you know that Western Sydney Dry Rainforest has recently been listed as endangered? This vegetation class is on the brink of extinction.

The students had a close look at the Lagoon too. After testing for many abiotic parameters like oxygen, salinity, nitrates, phosphates and ammonia they concluded that the water was good quality and passed water quality guidelines all but for saturated oxygen.

These students impressed us here at Brewongle with their skills in understanding the local environment. They served themselves and their school well. Top work folks!

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