National Tree Day

National Tree Day and Schools Tree Day provide all Australians with an opportunity to do something positive for the environment and reconnect with nature.

Hundreds of thousands of Australians planted over 1 million native trees, shrubs and grasses at more than 3300 Tree Day events in 2012In 2013, National Tree Day will be on Sunday 28th July and Schools Tree Day will be on Friday 26th July, although events can be held on any date during the year.

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On Friday 26th July students from Dundas Public School and St Patricks Marist College were involved in tree planting and environmental education activites at;

Schools Tree Day Baronbali Reserve Dundas

A partnership between Parramatta City Council and Brewongle Environmental Education Centre

 Get the DERT at Dundas PS


The Dundas Environmentally Responsible Team (DERT) worked with the wonderful Environmental Team from Parramatta City Council planting native grasses and shrubs adjacent to The Ponds Creek.

What are the students wearing the bird wings for?

Playing the habitat game with Mark from Brewongle the DERT team were able to fine tune their knowledge about the Glossy Black Cockatoo and its requirements for food water and shelter.

Great work team – you have just made a significant contribution to your local area and improved our biodiversity too.

St Patricks Marist College


The Environment team from St Patricks undertook a habitat assessment of the reserve and found it to have a good number of essential habitat elements. They too planted grasses and shrubs in an effort to lead the community in tuning in to the wonders of the natural world. With their new found skills and existing passion they are hoping to conduct some ongoing bush regeneration work in the reserve and may even invite the neighbours too. Inspirational student reps from St Patricks doing teenagers proud.


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