Kings Langley PS enjoying Birds, Water Bugs and Old Ways.

It was an avalanche of excited little people here today. 70+ year 2 students descended on Brewongle to discover the secrets of birds, water bugs and schooling in 1878. We were impressed with their enthusiasm, stories and ability to avoid falling in our ponds! How many tadpoles did you catch?

Dip netting for water bugs

Dip netting for water bugs

It was amazing to discover that we could be quiet while searching for birds and some groups saw honeyeaters, fantails and finches. Great work bird hunters! Many students commented on how much they enjoyed looking for birds and the excitment in the air when we spotted one was palpable…. I hope the students continue to observe birds at school and at home

Bird searching

Bird searching

Bird sarching at the lookout

What did you see?

The scariness of the principal in the 1878 classroom was unexpected as were the harsh rules of those days! Students discovered the challenges of writing with ink in copperplate script while trying to avoid the nasty gaze of our well dressed teacher, Robyn. Don’t break the rules or you may receive the cane! Not really though!!!

IMG_0479 IMG_0485 IMG_0480

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